There is a spirit in the church:

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17 min readOct 27, 2023

-Flash fantasy fiction

Jason, Tara, and Mark, three adventurous teenagers, stood before an old, decrepit church at the edge of their small town. The church was shrouded in rumors; people spoke of it hushedly and hurried their steps when they passed. Overwhelmed by a sense of curiosity and the audacity of youth, they decided to explore it.

“Guys, are we sure about this?” Tara asked, gripping her flashlight tightly.
“Don’t be a scaredy-cat, Tara,” Jason chided, fumbling with a rusty lock that guarded the church doors. “Mark, pass me the crowbar.”
Mark handed over the crowbar, trying not to show his apprehension. “You owe me a pizza if we get caught.”

The lock gave way with a creak, and the trio cautiously stepped inside. Cobwebs clung to the walls, and the pews were rotted and broken. Tara shone her flashlight around, and it landed on a dusty altar. On it lay an old, leather-bound book.

“Whoa, check this out!” Jason walked over and picked up the book. He blew off the dust to reveal its title: “Rituales Olvidados.”



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