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The Incident At Eldrige

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3 min readJun 26, 2024

The sound of chanting fills the area where a fire burns. The silhouettes around it are adorned with gold and black.

Filling the once dark forest this night with gold shimmers as the song and dance continue to grow in volume. Now roaring with chants. Almost like those of Greek operas. The bodies underneath the robes are nude now most drenched in sweat.

The smell of woods, dance, and pyres fill their surroundings with an almost orgasmic scent. Enthralling the locals of the town to wonder into the woods.

These songs, and smells as enticing as any powerful siren song. A group of the locals think it some weird festival. A dark cloud watches over the festivities with fervor. It’s aura is not felt by the locals. The ones in the robes acknowledge their lord with hedonistic moans. The hour becomes later and later. One of the locals Tommy looks up at the sky.

“Wow, that is the first time I’ve ever seen a moon like that!” -He yells at his friends who are too inebriated to care.

They shrug it off and continue to indulge in free sweets. “A bon-bon for the body, sugar rush for the soul, kisses, dances, beers, honey soaked pastries.”–A robed one singing and offering a plate to the group. Everything in sight is designed to peak human pleasure. As the night strikes midnight there is a faint scream. The gathering crowd…



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