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The Gamer from the Enchanted Island

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2 min readSep 21, 2023

In the tropical and magical lands of Puerto Rico, an island of enchantment, a child’s fascination with virtual worlds was ignited. The young mentor found solace and adventure, not just in the beauty of the island but within the pixelated landscapes of video games.

The Odyssey Begins in Utah

The story takes an unexpected turn as our hero’s family relocates to Utah. A place where the mountains echo the towering achievements waiting to be conquered in the gaming world. The culture shock is immense, but video games are a universal language, and they become mentor’s gateway to understanding his new home.

The Genre Explorer

A journey through mentor’s gaming library is akin to a voyage through the many realms of imagination and creativity. From the strategic layers of JRPGs to the thrilling pulse of action-adventure games, every genre is a new frontier.

  1. JRPGs & RPGs: As a master tactician, mentor has spent countless hours guiding heroes through intricate plots and intense battles, where every decision counts. Final Fantasy’s rich narratives resonate deeply, while the complexity of other RPGs challenges and excites.
  2. Action-Adventure: A warrior’s spirit is revealed in mentor’s love for the God of War series. The primal roar of Kratos…



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