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2 min readJul 14, 2021

The 2nd day of Qubit by Qubit covered the classical stack in computer development. It also covered what the quantum stack is. Which they are almost identical right now. I think that the quantum stack is going to have to be different from the classical computing stack. Based off of what I am learning. I don’t think taking the same approach as the classical computing stack will be as successful.

common 5 layer stack IT
Deeper look at the classical computing stack
Microsoft’s Quantum Stack example “Microsoft Research”

IBM uses a completely different stack. Since their qubits are not topological. I wasn’t able to find an example of IBM’s stack. We haven’t started programming with Qiskit just yet but I suspect we will start probably next week. I seriously need the python practice and welcome it. I think Google’s Cirq is also in python so that is an added bonus. I will try to run a bunch of the different quantum algorithm examples provided by both companies to gain a deeper understanding.

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