How to mint your own Art NFTs

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5 min readApr 25, 2022
Made by “Jeremy Retamar Arrieta”

There are so many paths one can take on a journey of self discovery. If you would like to take this one it will only take you about 30–45 minutes for the art creation. Then about the same time for the minting process.

So lets talk about how to create art. I use two AI models that covert text into visual simulation. Like the art above. You simple enter a prompt and the CLIP AI talks with the VQGAN AI to covert it for you. Most of the tutorials I’ve seen start with Google’s Colab since it is a great way to get started. They do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and have GPUs that you can run on for cheap or free. The free version will take longer however.

You’ll want to head into sign in because you are paying with your data “free”. Then you’ll want to find a VQGAN+CLIP notebook you like. I found a couple on some discord channels that are pretty amazing and work well. However with code it may need to be maintained so if you don’t have any Python knowledge I suggest you get some with Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera or any other learning platform. Most of them offer free class audits. But paying tends to keep you a little more responsible since you have some skin in the game.

Now choose a notebook version of this fine code:

This is the copy I worked on:

Others copy/ versions of VQGAN/CLIP:



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