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2 min readSep 29, 2022


If you haven’t heard of Stable Diffusion you might have been living under a rock. Recent updates to the machine learning life have created an open source version AI. There are many Diffusion models out there. The reason this one is different is you can run it on lower hardware that is more standard for consumer levels. Making it easier to access technology for pretty much the average person. Granted if you don’t know how to maintain code you might have some issues. But the entry point for using technology is lowering faster and faster. Which is kind of a double edge sword. Hey at least our lives are improving every day right?

If you are on social media keeping track of this there are controversial use cases involving porn. The expression of human art and love has always been an issue for our evolving species. We still cling to very old traditions and customs that no longer benefit us. Religions, Creeds, Morals there are so many different flavors of the human consciousness.

We might not agree on much as humans. I still think expression of the human imagination is as important as any goal or state of life. I found a fun Juypter notebook you can run to create your own art.

It is an open source version and has the NSFW disabled. Since there are so many annoying prompts that flag it so often. The patch to disable NSFW filter is awesome. If you want to create your own porn or art the future is already here. It is changing every spot of this universe. Every day we improve more and more. Sharing information is important. Don’t have too much fun!


Depending on what kind of compute engine google gives you processing an image can take anywhere from 4 minutes to 30 minutes.

Under Render images make sure MODE: is set to prompt or what ever mode you want. I use CodeFormer + Enhanced ESRGAN as upscalers but IMG2IMG can help if you have a specific style in mind. Although it can get glitchy. So you might have to restart your Runtime. Which is under Runtime: Restart_runtime or Restart and Run all.

Feeling like a prude? You can turn on the NSFW filter by clicking the option in the code. Low_VRAM_Patch is recommended if you are on the free version of Colab since the GPUs will not have much VRAM.

This model improves on previous image generators and runs on smaller GPUs. Innovating and reducing the entrance for art. Art is about to have a digital renaissance.



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