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Finding Nash: A Journey from Alabama to Salt Lake City

Jeremy Retamar Arrieta

In a quaint studio filled with the vibrant colors of creativity, Nash’s hands dance across a canvas, the bristles of her brush sketching the outlines of her imagination. Nash is not just an artist; she’s a storyteller, a creator and a dreamer who breathes life into her work.

Nash’s world revolves around art, but not the kind that simply pleases the eye. Her art is a journey, a conversation and an embodiment of her soul. With a passion for fine arts and a penchant for creating merchandise for her artwork, Nash’s creations are an extension of her values and beliefs.

Drawing, painting, screen printing — these are more than techniques for Nash. They’re pathways to expressing herself, channels through which she explores her thoughts and emotions. Her grandmother influenced her as a role model at an early age, helping shape Nash into a fearless person when she needed to stand up for herself throughout her life.

As she prepares for her upcoming solo show at Lost Acorn gallery, Nash’s goals are clear and layered. This show is not just an exhibition; it’s a platform for her voice, one where she’ll showcase her diverse talents, from painting to T-shirt printing, weaving a narrative that’s both personal and universal.

Her recent venture into screen printing is a testament to her endless curiosity and relentless pursuit of creativity. Each stroke, color and design is a stepping stone toward her ultimate aspiration: to color in her own unique way for a living.

Authenticity guides Nash’s art. She values the human touch in art, the raw emotions that flow from the artist to the canvas. Her recent experimentation with screen printing highlights her dedication to exploring different mediums and pushing boundaries.

Though we didn’t directly touch on AI-generated art in our conversation, Nash’s commitment to traditional art forms seems to reflect a preference for human creativity over machine-generated expressions.

Behind Nash’s art lies a figure of inspiration: her grandmother. A symbol of tradition, wisdom, and love, Nash’s grandmother stands as a beacon guiding her artistic journey. Her influence permeates Nash’s work, infusing it with warmth and depth.



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