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Doom Eternal

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2 min readSep 22

In the world of gaming, where space marines and demonic invasions are often the stuff of legend, Doom continues to be a beacon of blood-soaked brilliance. The latest iteration of this beloved franchise doesn’t just honor its predecessors; it carves out its niche, powered by the roar of chainsaws and the flash of demonic eyes.

Graphics and Sound: Doom never shies away from its identity. With visually stunning landscapes, ranging from the fiery pits of hell to the cold machinery of the UAC, this game is a feast for the eyes and a symphony of horror for the ears. The soundtrack, particularly, pumps life into the gameplay, driving the player forward with an unrelenting tempo.

Gameplay: Fast and unforgiving, the gameplay is pure Doom. A dance of death unfolds as you traverse through levels filled with puzzles, platforming, and of course, demons. The AI might sometimes feel underwhelming, but the weapons — oh, the weapons! Each one is a unique expression of destruction.

Multiplayer: While not the star of the show, multiplayer still offers a fun diversion with a variety of modes. It lacks the soul-pounding intensity of the single-player, but for those looking to slay with friends, it’s a welcome addition.

Final Thoughts: Doom’s latest edition is a masterful blend of nostalgia and innovation. A few rough edges can’t dull its savage beauty. If you’re keen on gaming that challenges your reflexes and rewards your aggression, Doom is a must-play.

Rating: 9/10

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